Storm Between the Stars is on sale for $0.99 until 4/21/21.

Two of Karl K. Gallagher's books have been finalists for the Prometheus award for Best Libertarian science fiction. His fiction plunges people like you into situations where they must act decisively to protect themselves and their friends and family.

Torchship Trilogy: Michigan Long, undercover spy on an interstellar freighter, tries to get the mission done while helping her crew stay in the black. After battling kidnappers, poachers, and killer robots, they're drawn into service when war breaks out. There are some missions a warship can't do.

The Lost War: Reenactors expected a weekend of costumed fun. Instead a magic spell pulled them into a world where they face monsters that may eat them . . . or worse.. (The sequel, The War Revealed, is out.)

Storm Between the Stars: Niko Landry's crew thought a routine hyperspace survey would be easy money. But when the barrier separating their homeworld from the rest of humanity opens, they seize the chance to go exploring . . . finding an empire more dangerous than they imagined. (The sequel, Between Home and Ruin, is now out.)

Find his books on Amazon. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

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