I have maintained for years that property inspection is a equal mix of knowledge and effort. As one of the most knowledgeable inspectors in the industry (I've held six different code certifications, served on the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Advisory Board, been certified as a mold inspector, an asbestos inspector, a thermographer, chimney sweep, and a licensed drone pilot), I have a base of information as wide as the Pacific. Those millions of bits of useless information tend to prove quite useful at surprising times.

None of that counts though if the inspector is LAZY.

Your inspector needs to be willing to put forth effort - even when it is uncomfortable. The picture included here is a crawlspace opening. That's a skinny little opening to fit into - and many can't. I can - I don't like to - but I do.

And, because I did, I found that water intrusion had eroded the pad footing on the center beam causing the whole interior line of the building to sag.

Effort. It is arguably more important than knowledge in my industry. I apply it to every job, every day. I walk roofs even in winter (if safe), I crawl under the house, I take apart electrical panels, I walk or crawl the attic.

Do I get into every space? Nope, I don't but it's not from a lack of trying.

Your inspector needs to put forth the effort.

And being trim and fit generally helps, too.

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