Who is Hannes Bannerman?

Fifteen centuries in the future, mankind has expanded into The Reach, a crazy quilt of two hundred worlds with different cultures and philosophies. Hannes Bannerman, once a transient laborer and now Boss of an asteroid-mining cooperative, is faced with bankruptcy and revolution. He travels to the resort-world Spang, a gangster-run melange of casinos, brothels, and Roman-style arena games, ostensibly to win a fortune, but in reality to engage in a quixotic bid to overthrow Spang's ruler.

Also present on Spang are two figures from his past: his old lover Doctor Angela R, and his worst enemy Deimos Mandrakôs, Angela's long-time companion and now Spang's Chief of Security. Bannerman sets his plan in motion and, with Angela's reluctant help, stays one step ahead of Mandrakôs—​at least for a while.

His gamble is keenly watched by the shadowy financial empire behind Spang. Where did he get his skills as a fighter, strategist, and leader? What is his connection with Angela and Mandrakôs? How can he expect to triumph single-handedly over the forces lined up against him?

The answers lie decades earlier, in a revolution on the oppressed factory world Steel, and could transform The Reach…or perhaps just save a life.

Available on Kindle or as a two-part paperback: The First Part and The Second Part. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.


$9 for each paperback or $2.99 for the whole saga on Kindle.

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