The Larkspur novels by Adams and Brooks on Kindle or in paperback

The Unwound Way by Bill Adams and Cecil Brooks

A century ago, Evan Larkspur was a promising young playwright who never imagined he would one day be regarded as the Shakespeare of his time. Disgusted by the growing authoritarianism in his elite circle, he joined a Naval Survey for a relativistic run that never returned.

But now he is back! Or is he? His fragmentary memories—sabotaged ship, cold-sleep malfunction, miraculous escape—seem like a madman's fantasy. His valuable Survey data, if real, would make him a target, so he remains in the shadows as an actor and a smuggler, trying to tie his memories of the past to the repressive society he sees now.

He is blackmailed into impersonating a government bureaucrat overseeing an extraterrestrial archaeological site, an important key to a bitter feud between two rich and powerful men. He soon finds that there is more beneath the surface than he expected.

The End of Fame by Bill Adams and Cecil Brooks

The inspiring sequel to The Unwound Way

Playwright Evan Larkspur disappeared when his Naval survey ship suffered a cold-sleep malfunction. But a century later, he has miraculously returned, with jumbled memories of what happened, to find that the free society promised by the Kanalist movement has been replaced by a repressive dictatorship.

Larkspur's plays are now revered by the underground Kanalists, and his appearance could provide a focus for resistance. But just when he is poised to step forward, he learns that someone claiming to be Larkspur is staging a revolutionary play on the breakaway world Venezia!

How can this be? Is he a genuine revolutionary, using Larkspur's name to rally the Kanalists? Or is he a tool of the government trying to flush out the hidden Kanalists once and for all?

Or—unthinkable!—are Larkspur's damaged memories merely a madman's fantasies after all?

“To say The End of Fame is a well-textured novel is akin to saying the Mona Lisa is a nice picture; well, yes, that's true, but it hardly does the work justice.” – Catherine Asaro

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