Hello, my name is David E. Young. I self-publish my own Second Amendment books as Golden Oak Books. This historical research was carried out over the last half-century and the resulting two books are sold by me as goldenoakbooks on Amazon, or can be mail ordered from me. The earlier book is a Founding Era document collection in both sewn library bound hardcover and paperback editions, described below. The second book is a definitive history with 400+ citations as direct page number references to my document collection plus 225 normal end notes. My goal has been to provide easily accessible, complete, and fully documented information for any interested person. All books are printed on acid free paper and factory shrink wrapped, USPS mailed, and personally shipped by me.

The Origin of the Second Amendment has been extensively cited and relied upon in a string of Federal Court decisions - Emerson, Parker, and Heller. In the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals U.S. v Emerson case of 1999, I assisted David LaCourse of the Second Amendment Foundation with their historically based brief. Partly as a result and for the first time, a U.S. Circuit Court treated the Second Amendment like other enumerated rights protections. Origin was cited over 100 times in the Emerson decision in late 2001. Apparently two of the judges read all of the documents.

The Parker v DC decision from the DC Circuit in early 2007 relied upon the history presented in Emerson and cited Origin. Parker was then dropped from the case, and DC appealed as the Heller case. The Origin of the Second Amendment was cited six times in the U.S. Supreme Court's majority Heller decision, and was also cited a total of thirty-eight times in eight briefs arguing historical points in the case. I assisted Alan Gura, winning attorney in the Heller case, by providing him with documents that he was unable to obtain elsewhere, and also by sending him a final draft copy of The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms, my history of the Second Amendment.

My website main page is the Origin information page. It has links to the Origin Table of Contents and Reviews, but it also has a number of other links - to The Founders' View information page, a Mason Triad related Journal article, fact-checking articles on professional historians' numerous errors in Heller and McDonald, and to my Blog, On Second Opinion. The Blog has a fact check or Fisking Index at the top that provides direct access to four series of short articles. One is a 24 part series, Root Causes of Never Ending Second Amendment Dispute. This is The Mother Of All Second Amendment Fact Checks documenting sixteen numbered errors and extensive omissions and off track history in the Heller historians' amicus brief.

This was winning Heller attorney Alan Gura's 2014 comment regarding the Second Amendment's history - "for my money, the authoritative books on the subject are David E. Young’s The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms: A Definitive History of the Second Amendment and The Origin of the Second Amendment." (May 31,2014, Reality-Based Litigation, at, now a defunct site, but is on the Wayback Machine near bottom of the page)


Paperback $35.00 Hardcover $95.00

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