I was stunned to find this thorough and heavily documented resource on all the stuff socialists have been denying for years. Yes, Hitler really was a Marxist -- he considered himself Marx's 'executor' carrying out his vision. Yes, Marx and Engels advocated genocide -- and in print -- of the peoples they thought would not make it in the socialist vision -- Slavs, Scottish Highlanders, and others. Yes, genocide and eugenics were openly endorsed by socialists like H.G. Wells and Bernard Shaw. In fact, all of early socialist intelligencia was unashamedly on board with eugenics -- it was necessary for the socialist vision. And that's just the tip of this giant iceberg of historical dirt on our friends to the Left. All the stuff they deny is lovingly laid out in The Lost Literature of Socialism. Ever get into an argument with a leftist about socialism's good intentions? This is the torpedo you need to sink their arguments to the bottom of the sea.