Three novels about Hard Men. Life has beaten them up and beaten them down, it's twisted them into men they don't want to be. But they still get up every morning and try to do as much good as they can and as little bad as they have to. Sometimes their stories turn out okay; most times things turn out bad.


William Goebel was a hard man born to a hard time. And politics is a hard business. Especially in 1890s Kentucky. He was a man unafraid to turn the Bluegrass blood red in his pursuit of power.

Wrath is the story of two men. The first, William Goebel, a Kentucky politician who turned his state into an armed camp. The second was a solitary mountain man, as hard as Goebel, who delivered the final act of retribution from the barrel of a musket.

“Murder, proverbial backstabbing, back-room deals, and some of the most corrupt political acts imaginable” - Amazon Review.


“Not only do I love how Howard McEwen writes dialogue, I always get great drink ideas from him!” - Amazon Review

A man walks into a bar…his phone rings, he’s offered a job. Hard up and unafraid of hard work, he takes it.

Jake Gibb is a man who doesn’t let a good opportunity, a craft cocktail or a nice set of legs pass him by. His boss, Prescott Carmichael, is a financial advisor with some of the city’s best and wealthiest names on his client list.

But managing money is the least of their jobs.

Jake’s 8 is an episodic novel that spans genres — hard-boiled detective, Wodehousian comedy, classic ghost story all with a light touch.


Wagner Siebenthaller is a hard working man. All that hard work has paid off in a good business, a nice house, a pretty wife, a growing daughter and a girlfriend on the side.

But life gets unbearably hard when his daughter is assaulted. Now all Wagner wants is revenge. Obsession for vengeance, however, cracks open his psyche. What comes out is a tsunami of pain and violence that crashes across the Kentucky landscape carrying away the lives of anyone close to him.

In this brutally honest novel, Howard McEwen explores the meaning of manhood and fatherhood in a modern America that marginalizes the virtues of men and fathers.



$2.99 Each

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