Hello, my name is David E. Young. I self-publish my own Second Amendment books as Golden Oak Books. This historical research was carried out over the last half-century and the resulting two books are sold by me as goldenoakbooks on Amazon, or can be mail ordered directly from me. The earlier book is The Origin of the Second Amendment, a source document collection in both sewn library bound hardcover and paperback editions. The second book, described here, is a definitive history with 400+ citations as direct page number references to my document collection plus 225 normal end notes. My goal has been to provide easily accessible, complete, and fully documented information for any interested person. All books are printed on acid free paper and factory shrink wrapped, USPS mailed, and personally shipped by me.

The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms: A Definitive History of the Second Amendment by David E. Young 288 Pages Sewn Library Binding Hardcover Golden Oak Books 2007

My history of the Second Amendment traces every term and phrase of this much disputed provision to their AMERICAN roots and earliest authors. This history runs from Colonial usage of terms, through early defensive measures prior to hostilities of the Revolution, covers every aspect of Revolutionary Era state declaration of rights Mason Triad development, and on through demands and adoption of the U.S. Bill of Rights provisions. All details of the Second Amendment's terms and evolution are placed in their original context, explained, and thoroughly documented in The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms.

The central finding of The Founders' View has to do with Mason Triads - the often overlooked missing links connecting the Second Amendment's clauses into a simple to understand whole. Many of those discussing Second Amendment history and intent have insisted for decades that its two clauses are puzzling, ambiguous, contradictory, or incomprehensible. A complete understanding of Mason Triads and Second Amendment predecessor development alleviates such confusion and clarifies that each clause was understood as protecting individual rights.

My Journal on Firearms and Public Policy article is entitled, The American Revolutionary Era Origin of the Second Amendment's Clauses. Essentially, this is a much condensed version of The Founders' View of the Rights to Bear Arms. It is a detailed Mason Triad primer and helpful before digging into all the details found within The Founders' View itself. Also, an online search for Mason Triads will locate other writings on the subject.

My webpage has links to my blog, On Second Opinion, and articles fact checking historical errors of professional historians' briefs in the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court cases as well as Justice Stevens' Heller dissent. There are index pages on top linking directly to four different series of such posts.

Finally, note winning Heller attorney Alan Gura's 2014 comment regarding "the Second Amendment's history" - "for my money, the authoritative books on the subject are David E. Young’s The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms: A Definitive History of the Second Amendment and The Origin of the Second Amendment." (May 31,2014, Reality-Based Litigation, at, now a defunct site, but is on the Wayback Machine near bottom of the page.)


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