Earl Town sees the world as corrupt, violent, and filled with wonderful people trying to enjoy their lives, raise children, and do an honest day’s work without the interference of criminals and the elitist nags that buoy them. Two novels are available—Indian Summer and Killing Influence—while the third will be released later in 2021.

In Indian Summer, the blue-collar PI takes on an ultra-high-net-worth clique covering up murder at a Greenwich yacht club. In Killing Influence, Town grapples with Millennial social media influencers, an aging mafia don, and his Ivy-league educated and sociopathic nephew.

Critical praise for the Earl Town series:

“A taut, timely thriller.” - Kirkus Reviews

“This really is a perfect murder mystery … Murder, danger, and hair-raising twists will keep a reader glued to the page. Earl Town is everything I could ever ask for in a detective - curious, daring, and has a sense of humor.” - Reader’s Favorite

“If you like classic American gumshoe fiction, you'll enjoy this novel. The prose is stylish, the pace is fast, the plot believable and nicely twisted. This is a very competent and elegant detective novel.” - ReedsyDiscovery

Here’s what a reader recently said about the protagonist: Earl Town is very much a quiet hero, but he doesn’t think so, and so we’re spared the overdone, bogus idealism of “down these mean streets,” etc. Earl would never go that highfalutin. But we’re also spared the equally bogus nihilism and despair as default mode of the fashionable Scandinavians. Nor is Earl “philosophical” or “existential” or any of that rest of that claptrap. Here’s the deal—he is filled with heart, soul, authenticity no matter how dicey his behavior, and he fights those who have thrown away their heart and soul, given up on being human, have crossed into forfeiting their very selves.

And the beauty part of Brown’s moral world—yes, I do call it that—is that it isn’t about “good” guys (and gals) and “bad” guys (and gals). Some very unsavory characters are deep and real within, while some model citizens are hollowed out from consenting so deeply to evil.

But make no mistake: all this moral discernment and sensitivity of perception come in a rip-snortin’, action-packed story with all the twists and turns a reader could want. Highly, highly entertaining, funny, memorable, deep.


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