Get a signed copy of the bestselling conservative action novels by senior columnist Kurt Schlichter...

Kelly Turnbull is a seasoned operator brought back from overseas as America is split into two nations, one red and one blue. He navigates SJW insanity with his smart mouth and Wilson Combat CQB .45!

All five novels have 4-5 star ratings on Amazon, and all 6 (including the latest, THE SPLIT), are are available...

People's Republic

Indian Country




The Split


Just confirm the following at

1.             Your name for mailing.

2.             The address where you want them sent.

3.             What books you want. It’s $35 for the first book, $25 for each thereafter. I pay US postage. (Contact me if you need international shipping, because it's very expensive.)

4.             A phone number for when you get your own address wrong (it happens a lot)

5.            Exactly how you want them signed and to who! I will send you a P*Pal link via email!




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