In this Dispatch from Mars, freelance journalist Calvin Lake explores the unlikely truth behind the worst industrial accident in Martian history: the destruction of Mars Environmental Works.

Going beyond the bare facts and curiously self-interested evasions of the official Mars Development Authority inquest report, Lake's account uses exclusive eyewitness and survivor interviews to paint a fuller picture of the catastrophe of April 1, 2050.

"The best account I've read of these events." -- Puuma Kugar, New Narsinghpur Settlement, Syria Planum

"Lake's account is so good it gave me flashbacks for a week!" -- Alaura Faube, MEW Survivor

"While I don't think it fully captures my heroic role in the events in question, it's still a good read." -- Sylvester Jasne, CEO, Mars Environmental Works

"You'll be hearing from our lawyers. Soon." -- Trustees, Steadman Charitable Foundation

"Why is this man still on my planet?" -- Henri Poissant, Administrator, Mars Development Authority

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