Of course, pandas dream. The question is of what?  That the question a young man asks in this anthology of stories by the award-winning author of Daemonic Mechanical Artifacts and Deep School Tuition. Enter the weird and wonderful worlds of Denton Salle, where a Slavic myth asks for help from a self-described motorcycle gang started in 860, where an Austin PI is asked to recover a demon-possessed blade, and where a Countess recruits help in a Steampunk French Empire.

Where duels are fought for a woman's honor, and where a drunk farmer saves at least one life. Where one man's knowledge of old stories stops a crime, and a couple's knowledge of chemistry saves them.

And where things better dead walk.

Ranging from sweet romance to steampunk adventures to urban fantasy, with characters running from heroes to whores to ghouls, Salle's stories range across genres and places as diverse as from North Texas to South France to the silver mines of Pluto. Included in this collection are several never-published works, as well as two non-fiction pieces.

Come in and see where too long in quarantine, with too much bourbon, and an overactive imagination can take you.

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