A fantasy action-adventure novel by L. Hewitt Theriot

A mysterious Stranger
A dangerous Priest
An extraordinary Boy
And a great American city under siege

Something is chasing 13-year-old Will Tanner through the dark streets of New Orleans, something huge and terrifying, with unnaturally long limbs and fangs like daggers. Any normal boy would have no chance of escape, but Will Tanner is not a normal boy. He can do things that no one else can do… or at least, that’s what Will believes. All that changes after he is rescued from the monster’s clutches by an impossibly old man with an amazing story to tell. There are others like Will, many others.

Will soon finds himself thrust into the middle of a secret war that is being fought on the streets of The Big Easy, and an incredible adventure is about to begin as the forces of Science and Magic battle for Will’s loyalties and for the soul of the Crescent City.


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