A rare opportunity to own an original piece of art by noted American artist and illustrator Margot Datz. This particular piece is the original of one of the pages for a children's book by singer/songwriter Carly Simon (a noted children's author in her own right), "The Nighttime Chauffeur". Gouache on paper, the work is 25" x 36; matted and framed at 31.5" x 42.5". The subject is the stuff of a child's fantasy, lush, mysterious, and mesmerizing. Ms. Datz proves herself to be a master of her brushes as you can almost feel the flowers and trees. She has said that she considers this illustration to be one of the best in the book. In my opinion, it may be one of the best pieces she has ever done.

Examined out of frame, the work shows the embossed artist paper and telltale brushstrokes. The two text galleys are of hand-done calligraphy and subsequently applied to the original piece. The calligraphy was done by Ms. Datz.

The artist's signature is hard to see, but once you know where to look, you can see it above the right-hand galley. Regarding the difficulty in spotting her signature on the work, Ms. Datz said, "I dared not sign my piece in a bold way because it could not show up in the printing [of the book]."

Condition is pristine.

Frame backing paper was removed for the purpose of examining the work; new backing paper has been professionally applied.

This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to own an exquisite original work from a beloved children's story. Perfect for the collector, a Carly Simon aficionado, a children's literature specialist, or simply as a magnificent gift to hang in a child's room.

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