Mid-Century Marvelous! Beautiful heavy matching chip and dip bowls by seminal MCM designer Dorothy Thorpe. If you've ever watched the TV show Mad Men, you've likely seen Thorpe's iconic silver-rimmed roly poly glassware. This set is in that same pattern with the wide heavy sterling rim around each bowl, with a lightly flared lip and a lovely curve down to the base. All indicative of the Allegro pattern she designed: simple, elegant, bold.

One large bowl and one smaller bowl for, well, chips and dip; salad and dressing; fruit and fluff; cake and chocolate... whatever needs a big bowl and a small bowl. The set would originally have come with a bracket to hold the dip bowl over the chips; sadly the bracket is long gone.

In amazing condition; the glass in each bowl is perfect with no cracks, chips, or even fleabites. The silver on the rims is nearly all intact. It has been gently polished to gleam (and it does!), but there is a modicum of tarnish left simply for contrast. The large bowl has one small area where the silver has worn off; and both bowls have silver wear to the rims, but it's not greatly noticable. See photos for condition.

Large bowl: 10 1/2" across, 4 3/4" high.
Small bowl: 5 1/4" across, 2 1/2" high.

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