Malik may have been rendered harmless, but his vacation from crisis is far from over.Seemingly abandoned by the Sun Forges, he must struggle to save himself and his family against the rising of the Eater Below. But Malik is not the only player in the game, and others, with more knowledge and more power, have their own ideas about how to weather the looming catastrophe.The thrilling sequel to Malik the Pawn!

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Unlike non-fiction, I don't keep author copies of my fiction on my bookshelf. For those of you who don't use Amazon, I am happy to either obtain and ship a hardcopy to you, or else to make a .pdf conversion you can read on your computer or tablet: PM me if this applies to you please.


Amazon: $11.99 (paperback), $2.99 (kindle), Free (with Kindle Unlimited), $2.99 (.pdf conversion emailed to you)

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