Mackenzie Childs Bearded Iris Round Covered Vegetable Bowl, Retired Pattern Dated 1993, Hand Painted

If you know of Mackenzie Childs, you know that they were THE design team of choice in the 1980s and 1990s for creative, eclectic, interesting people. Based in up-state New York, Victoria and Richard had a hand-picked team of gifted artisans creating wonderful pieces of usable art. And if you know of MacKenzie Childs, you know that their name is a guarantee of quality. Because of all these things, we are seeing a resurgence of its popularity as a collectible.

This glorious piece with its sherbet swirl + courtly check lid, and the lovely bearded iris patterned base, and those twisted pair handles--quite a find!

Dated 1993 with a 1983 copyright mark, this piece hits all the high points for Mackenzie Childs, including the artists' initials on the inside of the lid. It's a winning addition to a serious MC collection. Size is, well, enormous. Bowl is 13 1/4" from handle to handle. Height with lid is nearly 10" tall. That doesn't sound huge, but wait until you see it. Use it in your kitchen, or simply display it for the gorgeous colors and lovely shape.

Condition is almost pristine. There is some wear to the base (see photo). No cracks or chips.

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