Until recently, keeping our heritage of songs alive was a simple matter. It kept itself alive by virtue of continual use. What celebration was complete without song? What holiday could exist without song? And what worship service took place without bountiful song? Little children sang ditties as soon as they could talk. Old folks relished their memories through the songs that shaped their youth. All of this singing, humming, whistling, clapping, and playing created an invaluable legacy of song that gladdened our hearts and taught us our culture. And it still does, if we become aware of it and make it part of our lives.

Three goals guided our compilation of Hurrah and Hallelujah! First, we wanted to create a crisp, newly formatted volume that would be attractive and inviting. Second, we focused on songs with significant musical, literary, stylistic, and aesthetic value, allowing this volume to serve as a key resource for a child’s education and family enrichment. And third, we chose songs that we ourselves love and value.

In addition to sentimental songs of bygone days, story songs, Americana, patriotic tunes, hymns, and spirituals we have included some cumulative songs (counting songs), canons (rounds), and international songs. Many will be familiar but some could be new discoveries for you.

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