The Riddle of Penncroft Farm by Dorothea Jensen

Lars Olafson moves with his parents to the old family farm near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to live with his aged aunt Cass. Lars is miserable—until he meets Geordie, a mysterious boy whose stories of the Revolutionary War are as exciting as those of an eyewitness. When Aunt Cass dies suddenly, Lars is faced with a very important modern mystery —and Geordie's ghostly stories are his only chance of solving it.

"Jensen gives readers two terrific stories that are intertwined nicely and come together in a satisfying conclusion. Not only is the history presented in an interesting and painless manner, but also readers should come away eager to read more about this period." —School Library Journal

"The well-researched historical episodes. . .move quickly; present-day events hold attention with the gradual unraveling of several mysteries...brings the past to life. . ."–Kirkus Children's/Young Adult

Available as a paperback and e-book on multiple websites. (Can also be ordered from any bookstore.)

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