GhostVolt Solo enables you to easily password-protect files, photos, tax and health records, movies, or any other document with seamless and proven 256-bit enterprise level encryption.

With GhostVolt Solo you can take a positive step to protect yourself from identity theft or any unwanted access to your files, regardless of whether you store your files locally or in the cloud.  GhostVolt Solo allows you to protect your privacy with enterprise-level 256-bit AES encryption. Best of all, it’s as easy to use –simply drag and drop your files – or use the Windows file explorer style interface.

  •  Encrypt any document on your computer, with password checking against known breaches
  •  Secure sharing and OneDrive integration
  •  Stops unwanted access to your private files, even when your laptop is in use.
  •  Seamless and proven 256-bit encryption
  •  Works just like Windows Explorer, but securely
  •  Speaks your language (available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and English)
  • Includes an Emergency login kit

As simple as GhostVolt is to use, we haven’t skimped on power features for the sophisticated user.  If you’re a power user, you’ll love Solo's advanced features, such as:

Automatic password integrity checking -- Solo also automatically checks your passwords against the world's known 500+ million password breaches to ensure your security.

File Tagging - Easily organize, categorize and search your files with quick tags. Perfect for managing your secure designs, image library, or work documents.

Securely share files - you can securely share selected records with your Clients, Doctor, Attorney, or accountant with OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, or any other file sharing solution with GhostVolt’s built-in secure file sharing features.

Automatic Encryption - Simply add your files and folders as normal. GhostVolt encrypts your data automatically and keeps it that way. Included is an Emergency login kit that ensures your access to your repository.

Super easy to use - GhostVolt Solo is built to work like your usual file explorer, so you already know how to use it.

Take a look at GhostVolt's user reviews at TrustPilot, as well as all the other features GhostVolt solo also offers



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