GhostVolt for Business secures and protects your confidential documents, media, and other digital files while providing your users and clients with a way to seamlessly collaborate on them. With GhostVolt you can set up encrypted shared team folders and decide who can manage, add, edit or view your data with advanced user permissions, reporting, and asset tracking. We've even integrated GhostVolt with OneDrive for additional ease of use.

Regulatory Compliance

Every business is trusted with sensitive information and has an obligation to protect it. Whether it is your employee details or other sensitive data you hold about your customers, the cost of a breach can not only cost you revenue in legal penalties but also the trust of your customers, prospects, and ultimately, your entire market. GhostVolt helps businesses comply with data protection regulations and retain the trust of everyone that relies on your organization.

GhostVolt Features

  • Secure sharing and OneDrive integration
  • User comments and file tagging
  • Meet regulatory compliance and legislation
  • Asset restriction with tracking
  • Auditing, file and user history and reporting
  • User roles and management
  • Seamless and proven data encryption
  • Speaks your language (Available in 7 languages!)

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