Available in print (hardcover and softcover), digital, and audiobook.

Review: "Elaborate, strange and unpredictable, Moe has created a vivid world that feels as if Mickey Spillane and J.R.R. Tolkien went out drinking and merged their mindsets in a buzzed brainstorming session. Snarky, smart, and fast-moving, all served up in rat-a-tat-tat tough guy patter. If Sam Spade played Dungeons and Dragons, it would turn out something like Frozen Dreams."- Jim Geraghty, author of The Weed Agency and Between Two Scorpions

The best post-apocalyptic high urban fantasy pulp detective novel you will read today! Join Tom Vargas as he investigates a murder in the magical Kingdom of New California, from the heights of the Castle to the collectivist depths of Redtown! Magic! Elf! Orc! Obscure jokes! FROZEN DREAMS has it all!



$2.99 (digital), $9.99 (softcover), $17.99 (hardcover) $19.99 (audiobook)

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