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Would you like to get out of the car feeling as refreshed and relaxed as you got in, no matter how long the drive? This book promises -- and delivers.

Love your life, but hate your commute? Like meeting people, but hate driving to where they are? Would you like to get out of your car feeling looser and more relaxed than when you got into it? By helping you deepen your understanding of how you organize your body, this book will show you how you can turn a daily chore most people dread into something you can look forward to that leaves you feeling refreshed and "ready to do the thing."

Two Ordering Options:  Amazon link HERE.
Or, for those who have ethical objections to ordering via Amazon, I am stocking up a small supply of author copies, and if you reach out to me via any of the contact methods below, I will ship you copies directly.


Amazon: $15 (paperback), $4.99 (kindle), Free (with Kindle Unlimited), Personal: $15 to CONUS, additional shipping elsewhere.

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