Something funny is going on in Boston...

The new Russian President has fled the collapsing country to deliver a crucial policy speech at Harvard. Neo-Nazis are staging a monster rally under the aegis of an Internet hatemonger whom no one has ever seen. And now madmen are being snatched off the street under circumstances no witness is willing to describe.

A monstrous plan connects all of these events. Bret Ambler knows only its name: Operation Sirius. And no one will believe even that.

Once a successful inventor and Wall Street whiz kid, Ambler is now just a security guard and slacker who hangs around Harvard—until he's framed and marked for death by “Them,” the unknown plotters who see him as the perfect pawn for Their global game.

But Ambler isn't the loser they take him for. He's clever and cunning, and he doesn't quit. Despite every twist and turn of Their master plan, he is going to take Operation Sirius apart, piece by bloody piece. And Them along with it.

Available on Kindle or in paperback. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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