Cut Crystal Perfume Bottle with Stopper and Sterling Silver Collar by Owen Williams, 1913

Exquisite crystal perfume bottle with faceted stopper and hammered sterling collar. Hallmark places this piece from Chester, England, by Richard Owen Williams, done in 1913. Williams has done many other lovely crystal and sterling pieces and they are in some demand, both as show pieces and as usable art.

It is decorated with a lovely cut pattern of buttons and diagonal rails, and is modified for each side of the bottle. There is an eight-rayed starburst cut into the bottom.

Bottle stands 5 1/2" tall with stopper, 4 1/2" tall without.

Condition is nearly flawless. There is one extra cut on one side that looks like a nick in the glass, but is actually a very slight continuation of the diagonal cut on that side. The stopper has a few tiny fleabites as well. (See photos).

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