Madi Hewlett (B.A., Gender Studies, Bennington) has found a wonderful job at, a website dedicated to exposing the dark corners of the American political system. Shortly after Hillary Clinton's unexpectedly narrow Presidential election victory, she is presented with an astonishing scoop: how heroic researchers swung the election to Hillary by exposing Donald Trump's treasonous ties to the Russian dictatorship. Excitedly, she publishes the story -- and then her life begins to fall apart while the United States faces its greatest potential political crisis since the election of 1876.

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Author's Note: This jeu d'esprit was written not long after the strange Presidential election of 2016. The scenario was at that time pure imagination. As time has passed and secrets have slowly seeped out of their confines, I have begun to feel like a clairvoyant, enough so that I feel bound to emphasize that all characters and incidents in this story, save for references to public figures and well known events, are wisps of fancy. I have no inside information about Russian efforts to influence the election's outcome and wish, in particular, to assure V. V. Putin that I have received communicated with no one in his government on that subject. He may rest assured of the total loyalty and patriotism of every one of them and, in particular, of [redacted].



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