Don't be overwhelmed by accounting for a small church or other religious organization. The Accountant Beside You is here to help the best-selling, must-have reference for small churches.

Church Accounting-The How-to Guide for Small & Growing Churches  by Lisa London CPA and Vickey Boatright Richardson explains how to:

  • establish controls to safeguard the money and catch errors
  • record and acknowledged donations of cash, stock, vehicles, in-kind, and more
  • set up and maintain a benevolence fund
  • calculate and file payroll
  • handle pastor payroll and housing allowances,
  • prepare and utilize budgets
  • recognize unrelated business income and calculate the tax (UBIT)
  • fill out the IRS Form 990N, EZ, and T,
  • and so much more.

Check out for videos, tips, and additional resources for your church and nonprofit accounting needs.






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