Celebrate with Six Vintage Mixed Champagne Flutes!

There was a time when folks getting married chose china, silver, and crystal patterns for their upcoming homes. And while wedding ceremonies have become more elaborate (and much more expensive!) the furnishing of the new household has taken a back seat to elaborate bridal parties, honeymoons, etc. But as old traditions fade, there are new traditions that and replace them. Instead of a bride unpacking 12-piece place settings of her chosen housewares, brides and grooms now are more focused on things that excite them both... including interesting and eclectic barware.

So we are very pleased to offer you a stunning six-piece set of high-end champagne flutes/bar glassware in Elegant and Depression glass: a feast for the eyes, a tactile delight, and a most elegant set to toast whatever occasion needs toasting. Or, of course, use them as a gorgeous display at your bar.

Each of these carefully curated pieces is an exemplar from its maker. In this particular set, you will receive:

* Achat pattern by Nachtmann, turn of the century blown glass flute with hexagonal stem; 8 3/4" tall
* Cristal D'Arques Durand Fontanbleau; mid-century, discontinued; nine cut panels, gadrooning at base of flute, and hexagonal stem with bead; 7 3/4" tall
* Lenox Tuscany Classic flute, turn of the century, still being made; 10" tall
* Bryce Optic Contour with amethyst bead; mid-century, discontinued; 9 1/2" tall
* Cristal D'Arques Durand Elysee Taille Lead Crystal, discontinued line; classic elegance; 7 1/4" tall
* Mikasa Coventry Cut, 1980s, discontinued; grooved and tapered hexagonal stem, solid and heavy; 9 3/4" tall

You will receive the actual glassware shown. The silver tray is for display purposes only, and is not included in the sale.

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