Texas – big, open, and strange. Stranger than you can imagine as the Slavic Otherworld leaks into it. With all the monsters and myths of that folklore loosed in North Texas.

Jim planned on a night of dancing and drinking as a break from studying. His best friend, Mike, came along despite his bad feelings about it. It got bad. Then it got worse than Jim imagined as the nightmares of old Eastern European myths came hunting them.

What does a young man do when he finds horrors are real? And that a centuries-old brotherhood exists to fight them? Reality turns out quite different than he thought. And the price of brotherhood might be much higher.

An urban fantasy where the terrors of Eastern European folklore hunt the streets of Dallas. If you enjoyed Butcher or McGuire, you’ll love this tale of magic and myths in the modern world.

Like the black earth showing through the snow, the Otherworld with all its horror and glory emerges into ours.

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