Original interpretations of the American Flag. All proceeds, not just profits, go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF: SOWF ensures that the families of the defenders of our freedom are taken care of when these heroes don't come home, or when they come back with traumatic injuries. SOWF provides scholarships and support for the families of fallen Seals, Rangers and others who do the most difficult jobs for all of us. These people are the bravest of the brave who voluntarily put themselves in harm's way so that we can continue to thrive in the freedom that only comes with the effort and blood of strong, dedicated and exceptional warriors.

Seven flags available. Most are one-piece canvas ready to be mounted in whatever manner you choose. Roughly 11x18". One is mounted on board and ready to be hung. Old Glory, Betsy Ross and Back the Blue versions.

I'm a semi-retired business psychologist with more hobbies and pursuits than I can get around to. This project helped me recycle some perfectly good canvas that was sitting around in my basement, gave me a push to paint a bit more often, and allowed me to contribute to my favorite charity. All proceeds, not just profits, go to the SOWF. Please remember them in your giving.



$150 per flag...with your promise to give to the SOWF next time you're doing your charity donations. I pay all mailing and handling.

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