Bill Adams, the author of Tilt and Dead Sirius and co-author of The Unwound Way and The End of Fame, shows his skill as a mystery writer in these 23 short stories, many of which appeared in Ellery Queen's and Alfred Hitchcock's.

Stories include:

Paper Tiger: Getting rid of somebody is easy if you can do the paperwork.
Requiem for Three Sharks: They hanged him at noon by the railroad clock.
Severed Connection: The perfect murder is one that cannot be traced back to you.
Professional Suicide: An agent comes to regret sleeping with his client's wife.
Asp: Can he thwart the Emperor's would-be assassins? Should he?
Unexpected Order: Life is amazing, under the right circumstances.
A Very Short Week: Are you going to have that breakdown today?

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine called “A Very Short Week" a “tour-de-force".

Available on Kindle or in paperback.


One thin dollar for Kindle, $6.50 for gorgeous 6x9 paperback!

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